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Since 2000, Promiseland Christian Preschool has been partnering with families to build the proper foundation for thier child. We currently serve families in the Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona and the surrounding communities.

Promiseland Christian Preschool and our families share a common goal, to provide the best possible opportunities for each child to reach their full potential. The first five years of a child's life are considered the critical "foundational" years and the decisions made today will have direct impact your childs future.

We understand the importance of your decision to choose the right preschool for your child during these foundational years. Because of this we have made it our mission to partner with families to build the proper foundation needed which will allow each child to develop to their full potential! At Promiseland we

don't just think about your child as a preschooler, we carefully consider how the decisions we make today will impact each child as adelesents, teenagers, young adults and even adulthood. With this longterm focus in mind, we have developed and refined a comprehensive preschool program that focuses on the foundational areas of academic, physical, spritual and social development. We understand these four foundations are critical to the success of every child.

Building A Complete Foundation In Academic, Physical, Spiritual And Social Development.

Children Are Academically Prepared For School

Preschoolers are in a "discovery" mode and much of their learning is hands on through play. We take advantage of every "teachable moment" as preschoolers are discovering the world around them. Our Preschool Development Programs use teaching methods which are based on current research and sound educational practices of early childhood learning and development. Parents can feel confident that their child has a clear childhood developmental plan in place which is why we have carefully selected the FunShine Express Curriculum program as our partner for lesson planning.

Promiseland children develop the skills needed for expectations for school life. We create an enviroment where children love school and have a strong desire to learn and grow. This enviroment is critical to set the foundation for long-term academic success. We provide children an extensive variety of activities that foster creativity and promote emotional, cognitive, social, language, physical and spiritual development all in the context of a loving Christian enviroment. Wtih over 30 years of experience we know how to run a safe, happy and stimulating preschool.

Proper Physical Development Helps Ensure A Healthly Life

During these foundational years we understand the importance of proper physical development. Proper physical development is not just limited to developing gross and fine motor skills. It also focuses on teaching children proper diet, nutrition and hygine habits.

Promiseland provides opportunities for children to develops various physical skills through different play activities. These play-based activities teaches children ways to master gross and fine motor skills and coordination so they can explore the world around them.

Additionally, kids are taught proper eating habits

Additionally, kids are taught hygine habits

Promiseland Christian Preschool is dedicated to providing the best possible preschool experience for our children and families. To determine whether we are achieving our goals we conduct an annual Parent Satisfaction Survey with the parents of our currently enrolled students. This is a 100% anonymous survey so families can feel comfortable providing their honest feedback. Our families rate our overall program, cirriculum, teachers, facilities and more. Vist our Parent Satisfaction Survey page to download a copy of our latest report.

Spiritual Development

Our Biblical Leadership Program is designed specifically for preschoolers to help them begin on a path to becoming influental people by teaching them the leadership principles found in the Bible. Children develop leadership traits in the areas of responsibility, self-control, truthfulness, work ethic, patience, thankfulness, kindness, integrity and more.

Social Development

At Promiseland we use the simple, yet highly-effective, 123 Magic Discipline System developed by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan. The 123 Magic System is the best selling parenting/discipline system in the world. This system allows our teachers to conduct a safe, easily controlled classroom environment which enriches the learning experience, encourages good behavior and strengthens the teacher-student relationship.

All enrolled Promiseland families have FREE access to the 123 Parent Magic videos through our Online Family Resource Center.

Promiseland Families Have Exclusive Access To Our Online Family Resource Center

Today's families face more challenges than ever before! It's hard to find quality resources to help families deal with the challenges they are confronted with. At Promiseland, our passion is not only to help you grow and develop your children but to offer resources to help and support your entire family.

Our Online Family Resource Center is a vast collection of video-based training programs on just about every topic that affects today's family... disciplining children, raising teens, family finances, marriage, and much more!

These resources are FREE to enrolled Promiseland families!

Related Information Additional advantages experienced by all Promiseland Families

Promiseland families save money with the lowest preschool rates in the community

Promiseland Christian Preschool is a non-profit and a ministry of Christís Church of Fountain Hills. This benefit allows us to focus on our committment to providing the best preschool at the lowest rate possible.

Promiseland Families have access to free resources to help their family

Marriage and raising a family can be hard. Because we believe in "partnering with families", Promiseland families have free and "exclusive" access to our Online Family Resource Center. These Christian based resources allow families to seek and receive help

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your child and family for many years to come!

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