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Biblical Leadership Training for PreschoolersBiblical Leadership Training for Preschoolers

Our leadership program is designed specifically for preschoolers to help your child begin on a path to becoming influental people by teaching them the leadership principles found in the Bible.

Leadership Skills for Preschool Children

Each week the 3 and 4 Year Olds (Kindergarten Prep Level 1) group and the 4 and 5 Year Olds (Kindergarten Prep Level 2) group participate in a weekly Elevate Leadership Chapel session with Pastor Chad, the Children's Pastor at Christ's Church of Fountain Hills. At this Chapel session children begin with worship songs and then move to the live interactive puppet show that introduces the main leadership trait being taught for the week. Following the puppet show, children participate in an engaging teaching time with Pastor Chad as they learn about a specific Bible Story that teaches the leadership value being taught.

Each week the children are sent home with a "family activity" page so children can share with their family about the leadership principle they are learning. Kids will be able to dig into the Bible and discover these great stories that teach critical leadership principles and characteristics that will impact their lives forever.

As children progress through the training they will earn a "badge" and "certificate of completion" for each leadership principle training program they have successfully completed. Below is a sample of the leadership badges children will have the opportunity to earn!

Preschool Leadership BadgesPreschool Leadership Badges

Great leaders work hard at everything they set their mind to.


Great leaders have the self control to stop themselves from doing harmful things.


Great leaders know that God has tremendous plans for their lives if they will just follow Him.


Strong leaders do not complain when delays happen, instead they work diligently as they wait.


Strong leaders understand that they are created by God to help others.


Great leaders are honest with everyone.


Great leaders understand that they are to give to others out of the things they have been given.


Great leaders have a sensitivity to the needs of those around them and they act on those needs.


Great leaders are not complainers. Instead, they live a life of thankfulness.


Strong leaders understand the power of using positive words.


Great success can only come from leaders who firmly place their decisions in Godís hands through prayer.


Great leaders take time to worship God each day.



Great leaders are wise enough to know that they must learn from others.

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