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People 3 and 4 Year Olds (Kindergarten Preparation Level 1)

3 and 4 Year Old Preschool Programs

This mixed age class also provides children with opportunities to learn from each other and develop a sense of caring and respect. We know how important it is to prepare young children for Kindergarten. That's why in this class we begin providing opportunities for literacy and academic readiness through play and everyday experiences. The natural world of family, plants, animals and daily routines provides the context for such learning activities. This class is perfect for children who may be entering preschool for the first time but also need to begin getting ready for success in Kindergarten. We refer to it as our Kindergarten Prep: Level 1 class.

This morning class is developmentally appropriate which means that activities take into account each child's unique developmental readiness in the different learning areas. Teachers plan lessons that offer a wide range of opportunities for children to interact with their environment and express themselves creatively at their level.

Children involved in Kindergarten Prep: Level 1 and Level 2 classes also attend weekly Chapel sessions and participate in our Biblical Leadership Training. Kids will dig into the Bible and discover great stories that teach critical leadership principles and characteristics that will impact their lives forever

IMPORTANT: Space for each age group is limited and registrations are handled on a first come, first serve basis. Some age groups regularly experience waiting lists. Please contact us to check current availability.

3 and 4 Year Olds Program Details - Kindergarten Preparation Level 1

Available Daily Sessions Time
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30 am to 11:30 am

3 & 4 Year Old Developmental Goals - Kindergarten Prep Level 1

Language Development

Physical Development

Cognitive Development

- Communicates needs and ideas through words
- Speaks so an adult can usually understand them
- Speaks in 2-3 word sentences
- Speaks in 4-6 word sentences
- Participates in and enjoys book related activities
- Sings familiar songs & repeats rhymes
- Follows 2-3 step directions

- Hops on one foot
- Climbs a ladder & descends a slide
- Runs fluidly
- Catches a bean bag
- Bounces a ball
- Pedals a tricycle
- Holds scissors and cuts on a wide line
- Grips crayon with correct three-finger grasp
- Begins to copy basic shapes
- Draws person with seven parts
- Begins to write own name
- Serves self food/drink & uses utensils independently
- Washes hands independently
- Uses toilet independently
- Takes off and puts on shoes, shirt and pants with minimal assistance

- Knows first and last name
- Recognizes own name in print
- Begins to write their name
- Puts events in sequence (first/next/last)
- Recognizes same/different
- Rote counts to 5 & 10
- Counts objects to 5 & 10
- Names numerals 1 to 5 out of order
- Knows ten basic colors
- Knows seven basic shapes
- Recites alphabet
- Begins to recognize letter names
- Begins to identify letter sounds using Zoo Phonics

Social-Emotional Development

Creative Development

Spiritual Development

- Takes turns & understands sharing
- Participates in group activities for at least 10 minutes
- Attends to chosen learning activities until complete
- Follows directions and observes school rules
- Accepts routines and adjusts to changes
- Manages feelings appropriately
- Is sensitive to feelings of others
- Increasing cooperative play with peers
- Demonstrates comfort and appropriate trust with familiar adults
- Talks about family members and activities at home
- Begins to take care of own belongings
- Helps clean up with few reminders
- Takes pride in accomplishments

- Participates in sensory & art activities with a variety of media
- Participates in music activities
- Shows curiosity, initiative and persistence in explorative play
- Pretend Play usually:
   - is alone, w/out conversation
   - involves peers and a simple plot with some conversation
   - involves details and role playing with a group of children

- Beginning to think about and show kindness to others
- Beginning to show love for God
- Knows what the Bible is
- Knows what prayer is and begins to say simple prayers
- Identifies Jesus as God and forever friend
- Participates in Biblical Leadership Training and begins to understand character traits of:
   -good speech
   - kindness
   - obedience
   - patience
   - self-control
   - sharing
   - thankfulness
   - truthfulness
   - working hard

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